Vegans now have more Minneapolis-St. Paul dining options: Here are 10 to try

Experiments in Vegan Greek food: Gyros with home-made strained soy-milk-yogurt tzatziki, kleftiko lamb-style seitan, and shawarma soy curls

I love hearing that us Vegans will have more places to eat when we travel. Because I am a very non picky eater, I can pretty much always find something to eat no matter where I am. But it is nice to have options like these

When the Herbivorous Butcher opened in January 2016 as the first vegan butcher shop in the country, it seemed a risky proposition, but the gamble paid off. Business is growing and the spot is as popular as ever — even Hollywood celebs visit when in town. Then in April of last year, J. Selby’s restaurant rolled out in St. Paul. It featured an all-vegan menu, which was virtually unheard of around here at that time. Since then, many have followed suit. In 2018, several restaurants are getting vegan-centric — or “plant-based,” as some restaurateurs prefer to describe their menus. Restaurants are either going all-out vegan or adding a vegan category to offerings. As a result, meat, eggs and dairy are being swapped for alternative ingredients in everything from burgers to cupcakes. At Tongue in Cheek in St. Paul, the vegan a la carte offerings were so popular, that the neighborhood eatery now features a vegan six-course option during dinner, alongside its carnivore and herbivore multi-courses. “We added the vegan tasting menu due to so many requests for it. And with the popularity of our other vegan options, it just became apparent it was in our best interest,” said general manager… ….. continue reading

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