Urban Gardening | Build a Vegetable Garden on Your Balcony

Even if you’re an urban gardener with little space, you can still benefit from growing a city vegetable garden. A window, balcony, patio, deck or roof receiving six or more hours of sun is all you need, in addition to a few containers.

The urban gardener can enjoy a city vegetable garden in various ways. You can grow vegetables in containers, which can be transformed into thriving city gardens. These can be easily incorporated into existing patios or balconies, or grown in rooftop gardens.

Growing vegetables is more versatile than one might think. Container-grown vegetables will produce an adequate supply of produce for the urban gardener while eliminating the hassle of large garden plots.

Growing vegetables in containers is one of the easiest ways to create a city vegetable garden. With containers, you can grow anything from lettuce and tomatoes to beans and peppers. You can even grow potatoes and vine crops, such as cucumbers. As long as there is adequate drainage, nearly anything can be used to grow vegetables.

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