This Could End Your Life While Sailing The Ecuadorian Sea

Plan on sailing in Ecuador? Well you should!

But here are a few things to be aware of while on the adventure

Lightning Scares and Flying Squid! always blows my mind how choppy the seas can be and yet, pots and pans don’t take flight.  Ok, not yet anyway.  We’ll see what I have to say if we ever encounter 20+ foot seas.  Of course, I did my little non-slip trick to keep plates and glasses in place but not the pots and pans.  Between the stability of a catamaran, the galley up (not down in a hull) and the snug u-shape galley,I am rarely intimidated to whip up a feast.

Not funny: people worry! Bad enough to worry about lightning curling everyone’s hair but a boat coming right at you? In the middle of the ocean? Not funny! Lightning Scares and Flying Squid! – Sailing to Ecuador