Ninja Warrior Challenge – Squirrel Edition

Okay, so maybe you can’t do this yourself. But it’s pretty cool to watch!!


Former NASA and Apple engineer turned YouTuber Mark Rober devised a comprehensive strategy to beat a group of squirrels from ravaging the nuts that he kept for birds in his backyard. To everyone’s surprise, the animals managed to outwit or out-jump the Ninja Warrior-like obstacle course to get their hands on the walnuts.


For weeks, Rober watched as his neighbourhood squirrels — which he named Rick, Marty, Frank and Phat Gus — attempted to navigate the course, making their way through his labyrinth to reach the bird feeder.


YouTuber and budding quarantine bird enthusiast Mark Rober failed in his quest to find a bird feeder capable of stopping squirrels from breaking into the bird seed.


So he created an ingenious eight-part “American Ninja Warrior”-style obstacle course for squirrels to protect his bird feeder instead. And filmed his efforts in a now-viral video.


The squirrel aerobatic proficiency on display proved to Rober, a former NASA and Apple engineer, that these common tree-scaling rodents can fly in uncommon ways.


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