Dine & Shop Under an Umbrella Sky

http://ar-tour.com/guides/learnbymoving/the-umbrella-sky-project.aspxThe sea of umbrellas, that appear to be floating magically in mid-air, brings a shower of colour over the narrow city streets. It creates a beautiful scene while also protecting pedestrians from the baking sun.

The Umbrella Sky Project was developed by the firm Sextafeira Produgues, who is dedicated to creating various urban installations using low-cost concepts. The project began in 2011 as a part of the famous annual Ágitagueda Art Festival. Since then, each year during the hot summer months of July, August, and September, a handful of the city’s narrow streets gain colorful umbrella canopies that provide shade for the pedestrians passing through.

The floating umbrellas are actually strung on rooftop cables. They help to cool the roadways in a creative and cost-effective way. Different colours and patterns form an unique geometric scene in the air as well as changing shadows on the roadway below. Since the project began, these pop-up shade structures have become an annual summertime installation and are now a very popular tourist attraction. The Umbrella Sky Project