Center Parcs: Top 10 tips for Ireland’s most talked-about new holiday resort

It’s a grand country, if only we could roof it. So goes the Irish refrain. Well, soon we’ll do just that — in large parts of a 395-acre holiday resort near Ballymahon, Co Longford, at least. Center Parcs is a bona fide holiday cult in the UK, where five woodland resorts jam-packed with activities, lodges and Subtropical Swimming Paradises regularly turn cynics into piles of cooing mush.  Now the holiday cash-magnet is coming to Ireland — in the shape of a €233 million ‘Longford Forest’ campus due to open in summer 2019. Bookings for its 466 lodges open this year, so we took our two kids to Center Parcs at Woburn Forest near London to find out how it all works. ….. continue reading

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